Edition 3 – July 2023

Firstly, apologies for the late appearance of Edition 3 of Captains Log. I hope to follow with the August edition shortly. The first two editions remain available on the website and on the Clubhouse table.

In the Member’s Handbook, available on the website, there is a section explaining the various roles within a team. In the last two months I have covered the roles of Lead and of No2 in a little more detail. This month I will write about the ‘No 3 role. It is important that all members of a team understand and respect each other’s role.

No 3

By No 3 I mean the third player to bowl on a four person ‘rink’, but effectively   this is the same as the person who bowls second in a triple, who I also refer to as the No 3

The No 3 role is very important for a number of reasons. Firstly, the No 3 is the only person who should be passing information to the Skip. Secondly, the No 3 is responsible for agreeing the result of each end with their opposite number.

But most importantly, the No 3 wants to leave the Skip with the best possible opportunity of winning the end.

Let us look at all of these roles in detail.

Communicating with the Skip.

The No 3 role takes on its first specific task in the trial ends. When the Skip comes up to bowl his two woods (in either direction) the number three should advise the Skip how far short or long they have bowled and then should clear the wood away.

from the playing area and towards the back of the rink.

Then, each end, when it is the No3’s job alone to advise (not instruct) the Skip on the options available.

Although different Skips may have different expectations, generally the Skip will know how the head looked before they changed ends and will mainly need to know what has changed.

Beyond that, the Skip may ask specific questions – who is holding shot, which is shot wood, if a specific wood is for or against, for example. The No 3 should try to answer the specific question and not to confuse with more information than is requested.

Agreeing the score

It is important for a No 3 to have good judgement as to which woods are closer to the jack, but even more important to be assertive and to measure if at all uncertain (unless your opposite number is agreeing to concede to you – in which case you accept without question (there are several occasions when an opposing No 3 has agreed to my suggested score when I know I would have measured had I been them).

Oh yes … you need to be able to bowl as well!

Furthermore, your Skip may require you bowl in any one of three ways. You may be required to draw into the jack, to play a tactical shot (maybe behind the jack), or even to drive hard to disrupt the head.  Therefore, a good No 3 should be practised at all such shots.

June Matches and Results

June saw us play three friendlies and two league matches.

KDL Results

The KDL results were disappointing losing on all three rinks against both Malden Manor and Southey,

In both matches we did have some key players missing, and one or two players playing in their first league match. The only rink to come close at Malden Manor consisted of  Terry, Graham, Mike and Dennis who still lost by 18 points to 23.

Against Southey, where several players stepped in at the last moment to make up the team. I felt the  scores didn’t really reflect the way we played. As is sometimes the case with us, we won plenty of ends, but often just by one, whereas the occasional three or four against rather skewed the scores. To be fair Southey are a very strong team, having won all five of their league matches, dropping only two rinks in the process.


June friendlies began with a home match v Wingham Court which got off to a tricky start when we turned up with nine players and they turned up with just six. Nevertheless, we came up with a format which worked. We won 21-16 on one rink, thanks to Dave, Dennis and Keith Moss. We lost on the other rink  thanks largely to Mike. No, it wasn’t that he played badly, more that he played for the opposition.    

Our next friendly saw us play Merton Park at home, losing on two rinks but an exciting 20-19 win for Michelle, Alan and Brian Taylor.

We then beat Auriol on two of the three rinks with success for Sean, Wendy and Dennis as well as an outstanding 29 – 3 victory for Dave, Keith S and Carol.


A reminder that our club coach Julian is available for coaching every Tuesday from 5:00.

Coaching will  be of obvious benefit to newer members still learning the game but more experienced players can also benefit. I had a coaching session myself recently and it helped me to identify areas I can improve on (let’s face it – there’s a lot of areas I need to improve on). But I suspect most of us would benefit from a few pointers of parts of our game that offer room for improvement.

Player of the Month – June

Several players bowled particularly well for the Club in June and, as described above, one bowled very well against the Club. But I can’t make a habit of awarding Player of the month to those who bowl well against us

Dave returned from injury and took part in two winning rinks. Carol and Keith Stedman shared with Dave in that heavy victory.

But for sheer consistency through the month playing on three winning rinks and losing closely on two others its hard to see beyond Dennis Rolfe. Having announced Mary as May’s winner  I can only hope there is space in  the Rolfe household for yet another imaginary trophy..