Welcome to the second edition of Captain’s Log. The first edition is still available on the website and on the Clubhouse table.

In the newly issued Member’s Handbook, available on the website, there is a section explaining the various roles within a team. Last month a wrote in a little more detail about the role of Lead. . This month I will write about the ‘No 2’ role. It is important that all members of a team understand and respect each other’s role.

No 2

If you are playing in a Club match as No 2 congratulations. Because it almost certainly means you have been selected to play in a Kingston and District League match. It’s not a role that has any real equivalent in a triples.

Some of us consider the No 2 role to be the easiest. Well let’s be honest, we all consider the No 2 role to be the easiest, especially at Tuesday night Jumbles. You don’t have to set the mat or gather the woods. You don’t need chalk or a measure. You don’t have to issue advice or instructions.

However, the No 2 is a very important player in a four-man rinks team and needs to be prepared to play off either hand, to follow their Skip’s instructions or to use their own initiative if appropriate.

Don’t be short!

Perhaps the most significant advice to a No 2 is not to bowl short. Short woods may occasionally be useful as blockers but are as likely to block your teammates as your opponents. Any wood near the jack is obviously useful and a wood behind the jack may well come into play as the head develops.


The key attribute for a good No 2 is versatility.

It may be that the Skip gives you specific instructions as to the shot they want you to play. Maybe to draw into the jack. Maybe to play with a little more weight. Whether to play backhand or forehand (note to Sean – work on that backhand if you want to play No 2 or beyond).

On the other hand, the Skip might say “As you see it” giving you the opportunity to play the shot you consider easiest and provide most benefit to the team.

When I’ve played No 2 I’ve always found it best to consider myself in direct opposition with the opposing No 2. If I bowled better than him or her, I always thought I’d done a good job for my team. Similarly, if I handed over an advantage to the No 3. One up, two up or more, then I couldn’t have done bad.


Although the No 2 should not be interfering with the No 3’s role in advising the Skip the No 2 still has an important role in encouraging their teammates and quietly discussing tactics.


We all get the chance to play No 2 sometimes at Jumbles. So let’s not see it as an easy evening, more a chance to develop all aspects of our game.

May Matches and Results

Despite having two matches called off in May, one due to weather and the other because our opponents were unable to raise a team, we did play five friendlies and one Kingston and District League match and generally performed very well.

Home to Esher

Our first match against Esher did end in defeat on all three rinks, but the game would mot have taken place had not Mary agree to play for Esher, who were short of numbers. And indeed Alan, Julian and myself are confident we would have won our close fought game had not Mary played brilliantly against us.

Home to Oatlands Park

Three closely fought trebles and victory on one rink, courtesy of Michelle, Mary and Julian. And losing by just two points overall.

Away to Malden Manor

Unusually for a friendly we played two four-man rinks rather than the usual three trebles. Adjusting to the speed and slope of the green proved tricky and although we lost on both rinks I felt we played pretty well and I’m confident we’ll give them a good game in the KDL in June

Home to Strawberry Hill

Having left myself out of this game, I could only sit and watch as we secured victory on all three rinks. Sean, Carol and Brian Taylor securing victory by one point, Graham, Alan and Dennis winning by two points and Mary. Mike and Julian winning their rink 25-8. A brilliant performance all round.

Home to Hook and Southborough

I hope I proved that the triple victory against Strawberry Hill hadn’t been entirely the result of my leaving myself out, by joining Anne and Lynn in a 28-12 victory on our rink against Hook and Southborough. We didn’t win on the other two rinks however and we did lose on overall score.

Home to Supreme KDL

Our first KDL match of the season and our first two league points of the season courtesy of a 21-19 victory on our rink by Carol, Keith S and myself. We really should have won by more but managed to drop eight points on the final two ends.  At one point halfway through the match we were ahead on overall points, but we faded a little later on and enabled Supreme to take the other eight points out of ten. But taking any points from Supreme is something to celebrate.

July Fixtures

A full fixture list for July with three KDL matches and four friendlies. We’re fortunate this year so far in having plenty of players available for each match so please be patient if you’re net getting as many games as you’d like. We will balance this out over the course of the season.

We will continue to prioritise league matches. Please don’t think you are not good enough for League matches. We want to select from as many people as possible. And please discuss with me if you only want to play once in a weekend or any other issues you may have. I’ll always do what I can to accommodate.

Captain’s Player of the Month – May

And now, exclusive to the website, I can name my Captain’s Player of the Month for June

There were some consistent players in our June matches. Indeed seven players scored more points in their matches than they had points against. Mike recording the highest difference, 18 points more scored than conceded, and Anne the highest average of points scored v points against (2.33, though based on just one match).

Although just missing out on being one of the seven scoring more than conceding, Mary would have been high in that number had I included the points she scored against us. For indeed Mary agreed to play for Esher against us in a match which would not otherwise have been played. I didn’t instruct Mary to be the best player on the rink against us, but I might have guessed that she would be.

Mary would also be on the winning rink in her next two matches. Fortunately they were both playing for us.

Captain’s Player of the Month for May – Mary Rolfe